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Musselfeed is a food-tech company within the food industry reducing climate footprint. We use blue mussels to create a unique powder and flour which can be processed into food and feed. Mussels are among the most sustainable seafood products on the market.

Cleaning the ocean

Firstly mussels naturally clean the oceans of nitrogen and phosphorus. Once the mussels have cleaned the oceans as an enviromental measure, we use them for our products.

Making the mussel product

Then at Musselfeed, we carefully  and energy-efficient separate the shells from the mussel meat and create a mussel powder and flour with our patent-pending process. The gentle process also maintains all the proteins and benefits of Omega-3 and other nutritions.

Endless opportunities

Last the mussel powder and flour is sold to producers of sustainable and ECO-friendly products. Use the protein in feed for anaimals, food for humans or as a taste enhancer of seafood. The oppertunities are endless. What is your idea?


Thanks to our EU-patent (pending) blue mussel meat extraction and shelf-time process, we can offer a blue mussel powder.

Musselfeed was founded in 2013 and is now, after verifying both the process and the products, ready to scale up and go to market.

The innovator behind the company is Dr Odd Lindahl.

He is a world-authority in the field of large-scale marine farming of mussels for environmental purposes, and was one of the first to propose and practice Marine Nutrient Emission Trading through farming and harvesting of mussels.


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