Our products

First of all we use blue mussels as a base for our products. Mussels improve coastal water quality. The mussels graze naturally occurring phytoplankton, who uses nitrogen and phosphorous for their growth. A large part of those nutrients in coastal waters has its origin in agriculture and other human operations, which causes eutrophication. When harvested mussels recycle nutrients back to land. And Musselfeed create three grades of our product:


  • Quality mussel flour
  • For petfood as protein source
  • Protein for hen
  • Low on shell pices
  • Sold in batches of 100kg or tons


  • High quality powder
  • No shell
  • Used as base for nutrisios food such as burgers, bars etc
  • Quality for humans
  • Sold in bags of 10kg


  • High end quality
  • Carfully handeled not to loose any taste
  • Used as seasoning of fish dishes
  • Rich on “umami”
  • Sold in grams


When extracting mussel flour, a by-product is crushed mussel shells. These shells are rich in lime and are used today as an antidote to acidified soil. There are also customers who use mussel shells as a landfill or as a decoration in gardens. Contact us if you need mussel shells.