The sustainable choice

We are proud to present this page about the biological cycle that occurs around the blue mussel if you use its full potential. Here we gather all the environmental and health benefits of using the blue mussel.

Quick climat impact comparision

  • 10 times lower climat impact than whey
  • 30 times lower than Swedish pork
  • 160 times lower than Swedish beef

For feed applications it reduces the need for unsustainable sources such as fish- and soymeal.

Enjoy a short video about Musselfeed.

Mussels are friends of the nature

Mussels improve coastal water quality. The mussels graze naturally occurring phytoplankton, who uses nitrogen and phosphorous for their growth. A large part of those nutrients in coastal waters has its origin in agriculture and other human operations, which causes eutrophication. When harvested mussels recycle nutrients back to land.

How can we benifit from mussel powder and flour

Blue Mussel Powder is used as an ingredient in food and feed applications.
The product we offer is protein and a full fat product with high quality. It is an excellent component for food or feed products. It has a high content of essential amino acids as well as healthy marine fats.

Mussels used in Musselfeeds powder are climate smart and comes from MSC-certified organic farms.

By replacing other protein sources such as red meat to mussel powder or flour the end product will have 30-160 times lower climat impact

For feed applications it reduces the need for unsustainable sources such as fish- and soymeal. This means that the feed can be totally ecological.

In depth research has been done on poultry diets. Inshort the conclusion was better eggs with more yellow colour.

Research in depth

Doctoral Thesis SLU – Mussel Meal in Poultry Diets – with Focus on Organic Production Lotta Jönsson Link to the Thesis

Lantbruk och musselodling i samverkan – en miljöåtgärd i tiden Odd Lindahl Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien och Hushållningssällskapet Väst Presentation