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Musselfeed has an industrial process for extracting valuable products from mussels.

Mussels are beautiful animals, not only on the outside but also on the inside, due to their high quality protein content and omega-3/6 fatty acids. While transforming nutrients into mussel meat, they also improve our coastal water quality.

Mussels are climate smart and organic.

We are looking for partners who have interest in commercializing high quality marine products.


The process is a way to completely separate the valuable mussel meat from the shell.

The process is at an industrial scale, additive-free, patent pending and is ready for commercialization. The process build on research led by Dr. Odd Lindahl, Associate Professor at Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences – The Royal Swedish Academy of Science.


Dr. Lindahl is a world-authority in the field of large-scale marine farming of mussels for environmental purposes, with principal publications spanning over more than 40 years of research. He was leading the team that collected and analysed the first time-series data indicating a possible effect of climate change in Swedish costal waters. He was also one of the first to propose and practice Marine Nutrient Emission Trading through farming and harvesting of mussels.



The product is of food-grade quality and is a high protein meal.

Mussel meal is an excellent component for food or feed products. It has a high content of the essential sulphur-rich amino acids methionine, cysteine and lysine.

The fat content is about 2 % and 40 % of which are Ω3/6 long-chain fatty acid molecules.

Musselmeal replace whey in sport nutrition products and fish- and soymeal in feed products for:

  • chickens
  • laying hens
  • pig
  • fish (salmon, trout, turbot, arctic char, tilapia)
  • shellfish (Norwegian lobster, lobster)

Swedish Board of Agriculture has approved  commercial use of mussel feed.

Musselfeed participates in the project Environmental Friendly Premium products – for increased competitiveness and better environment. It focuses on new innovative products in the poultry segment. Swedish Board of Agriculture supports the project financially from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


Social benefits

Mussel meal has

  • 10 times lower climat impact than whey
  • 30 times lower than Swedish pork
  • 160 times lower than Swedish beef

For feed applications it reduces the need for unsustainable sources such as fish- and soymeal.

Mussels improve coastal water quality. The mussels graze naturally occurring phytoplankton, who uses nitrogen and phosphorous for their growth. A large part of those nutrients in coastal waters has its origin in agriculture and other human operations, which causes eutrophication. When harvested mussels recycle nutrients back to land.

Therefore mussels can not only serve as a nutrition source, but can also improve coastal water quality.

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